Land Consulting Services

Elexco Land Services offers a full range of land-related tasks from total land project management to small, one-time acquisitions. We specialize in resource land acquisition and management, pipeline and utility corridors, civic and transportation rights-of-way and easements, and document administration.

Renewable Energy Services

Having contributed our services to several successful producing wind farms our staff are confident in responding to the unique needs of renewable energy providers.
Elexco has acquired options for over 35 Renewable Energy Projects in North America since 2004.


GIS/Mapping Services

Our Mapping Department consists of highly skilled GIS technicians who have developed customized mapping systems, stored in a centralized data warehouse, for use in-house and at remote locations. Our technicians have the capabilities to integrate and convert existing client maps and data into our system as well as create new areas.

Seismic Support Services

Under the direction of our experienced Land and Seismic Managers, our seismic support team, have the knowledge and man-power to supply services necessary to complete your project.

Title Services

Of equal importance to the acquisition of land is the effective and economical administration and maintenance of land interests.

Legal Staff

Our In-House Legal Staff, while not providing legal services, is well equipped to support our clients’ legal counsel and land staff.

Our Associations

International Right-of-Way AssociationOhio Oil and Gas AssociationMichigan Oil and Gas AssociationAmerican Association of Professional LandmenMichigan Association of Professional Landmen