Our Story

Elexco Land Services, Ltd. was incorporated in 1976 by its founder, Jack Norman, to provide a large range of land and title services for the oil and gas industry, the renewable energy industry, utilities and governmental agencies. Since its inception, Elexco (and its United States sister company, Elexco Land Services, Inc.) has expanded into Western Canada, Michigan, and the North Eastern United States.

Elexco is a full service company that can provide project management, leasing agents, right-of-way agents, title personnel, support staff, legal support through our In-House Corporate Counsel, and systems support through our data and information personnel.

Since The Elexco Group’s founding, we have negotiated and registered Petroleum and Natural Gas Leases and Gas Storage Agreements covering in excess of 5million acres, and have completed over 3,500 kilometres of easement and right-of-way work. Our Title Department has completed over 2,500 forty year searches for oil and gas industry well sites, easements and rights-of-way.

Our People

Niki Clarke

President and C.E.O.


Niki Clarke joined Elexco’s legal department in 1999. During the first few years of employment, Niki gained diverse experience by shifting her efforts from legal to regulatory, marketing, property management, and ultimately, land. In 2002, Niki began working to help set up and manage, direct and oversee the expansion of the Company in the US. Niki’s high degree of specialized knowledge relating to The Elexco Group’s proprietary Information Systems and internal processes enables her to manage said unique systems, along with all administrative staff, in both Canada and the U.S.


Vice President of Title


Dan is a New York licensed attorney with a JD, and has been with Elexco for over nine years. He has significant experience in many facets of all different types of energy, utility and telecommunications projects in the northeastern United States, as well as other parts of the U.S. and Canada. Dan’s experience on these projects include the acquisition of land rights, preparation of abstracts of title, due diligence, and related project management. Prior to joining Elexco, Dan worked with several energy and telecommunication companies through an upstate New York law firm.


Land Manager & Supervisor North American Wind


Dale Norman has broad-based experience with Elexco since 1985 in the negotiation and acquisition of renewable energy, petroleum and natural gas leases, wind farm agreements, pooling agreements, solar agreements, unit operation agreements, easements and rights-of-way.  Dale’s ability to understand and alleviate the concerns of landowners allows for the successful and expedient completion of projects.

Dale is responsible for, and supervises the day to day operations of the land department for all of the oil & gas industry, renewable energy industry and right-of-way groups in Canada.  In addition, Dale is a liaison with Conservation Authorities, Ministry of Natural Resources and Ministry of the Environment with regards to obtaining required permits as well as negotiating for leases, easements and rights-of-way for various oil and gas and right-of-way related activities.

Dina Silvestro,

Chief Financial Officer


Dina Silvestro joined our Senior Management team in 2007 and brings with her over 20 years of experience. Her main role as Chief Financial Officer is to manage the overall Financial Operations for all companies that comprise The Elexco Group of Companies. Dina meticulously co-ordinates and oversees the day to day operations of the Accounting department in both our Canadian and American offices. Dina‘s diverse experience and knowledge stems from the management roles she has retained over the years in numerous multi-national companies involved in both the Manufacturing and Service industries. Dina’s extensive background enables her to deal with both the multi-company structure and the international components that make up the Elexco Group of Companies.

Barbara Goetz

Title Department Manager

Since joining Elexco Land Services, Ltd., in 1981, Barbara Goetz has accumulated a vast knowledge and experience in both the oil and gas industry and right-of-way work, while performing title searching requirements in the various Registry Offices throughout Ontario, primarily in Southwestern Ontario, gaining exposure to the Registry, Land Titles and Polaris systems.

Barbara is responsible for coordinating the work flow of the title department and the processing of documentation in an efficient and cost-effective manner for our Canadian clients.



Jack Norman founded Elexco Land Services, Ltd., a full service land company, which he started in 1976 Jack’s extensive knowledge and experience in the industry has allowed him to effectively oversee the company’s vast development as well as provide considerable expertise as a resource for our clients. He has steered the company through successful expansions and diversification of our services over the past three decades to remain competitive to our clients.

Jack has established and continues to manage numerous corporations, both directly and indirectly related to the energy sector.  His background in geophysics and accumulated knowledge of the land service industry has enabled him to establish and co-ordinate The Elexco Group of Companies to meet the growing demands of the market place. Jack is responsible for structuring the company based on principles of honesty and integrity which has lead to the solid reputation that Elexco Ltd. holds in the industry.

Jack still fills an advisory role to our management team when his uniquely valuable perspective is required.

Our Associations

Ontario Petroleum InstituteInternational Right-of-Way AssociationOhio Oil and Gas AssociationMichigan Oil and Gas AssociationCanadian Association of Petroleum LandmenAmerican Association of Professional LandmenMichigan Association of Professional LandmenThe Canadian Association of Petroleum Land Administration